User licenses

To create a user, you need a User license. This will give your users an account to their oneclick™ workspace. After setup, this workspace contains either an app (Basic User License) or the oneclick™ Desk (Professional User License) where all assigned apps will appear.

  1. On the “Licenses” tab, please click on to create a new license.
  2. Select the “User” tile and then click the Basic or Professional tile.
  3. Enter any name for the license and select as many workspace licenses as you need.
    1. Basic: Decide whether you need a hybrid drive or not. Click Next.
      If you like to assign the Hybrid Drive to some of your users and not to others, create a separate workspace license for these users.
    2. Professional: Various sizes are available for the hybrid drive.
      The license includes 1 GB storage for the hybrid drive per user. If your users want to upload and download larger files or use it for permanent storage, choose a larger capacity. If you like to assign more memory to some of your users than to others, create a separate workspace license for these users.
      If you have previously created policies, you can select them here to execute e.g. a two-factor authentication before the desk appears. Click Next.
  4. In the last step, you can choose between “annual and monthly subscription” and a “fixed price and a usage-based billing” and you get a detailed overview of the non-binding cost estimation for endcustomers.
    With usage-based billing, all users of the monthly “peak” are charged. The “Peak” is the highest number of concurrent accesses per month. A usage-based billing pays off if half or less of your created users will not work in oneclick™ at the same time.
    Basic: With a usage-based billing, without the hybrid drive, you only pay for all users of the monthly “peak”.
    Professional: With a usage-based billing, you pay a low fixed price per user (4€ in the annual subscription) for the infrastructure provided for the hybrid drive. In addition, a surcharge (€16 in the annual subscription) is charged for all users of the monthly “peak”.
    Confirm the AGLBs and click on Request License to complete the process.
  5. Now you can create users.


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