General Questions

Which server operating system version is included in the VDI packages?

A Microsoft® Windows Server 2016 Data Center 64 bit license is included.

Is app2app communication possible?

Yes, it is possible that, for example, that Excel is triggered within Sage and then opened. However, both programs must be installed on the same server.

Where is my data stored?

Data security has highest priority for oneclick™. Our servers are located at various cloud providers in the EU. Servers and therefore your data are protected by the strict EU-GDPR. Outside the EU, various cloud providers are used from oneclick™ worldwide.

Is oneclick™ able to replace my VPN client?

Yes, oneclick™ can deliver your business applications and desktops in the browser to e.g. sales representatives or employees in home office without the need to install VPN software (client-to-site) on end devices.

What differentiates oneclick™ from Microsoft RDS?

oneclick™ does not see itself as a replacement for Microsoft RDS but much more as a refinement of this service.

oneclick™ additionally offers:

  • The consolidation of apps from different locations and delivery of legacy applications, such as AS400 or HP-UX, directly native in HTML5.
  • Data exchange from different locations via SMB shares and central access in oneclick™.
  • Multi-tenant platform with cloud orchestration and simple user interface.
  • oneclick™ represents an additional security layer with various proxy options for the protection of applications.
Do I need RDS CAL with oneclick™?

For a single-user migration, you do not require additional Microsoft licenses. However, if you want to build a multi-user environment (via oneclick™ Cloud Resource Manager or via a connections to RDS servers), you must have a valid license for Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services.

Depending on the type of delivery, there are different licensing options for Microsoft Windows Server:

Delivery from our own data center (On-Premises)
For this purpose you need a “Microsoft RDS Client Access Licenses” (RDS CAL)*.

Delivery from a hosted data center (Private, Public)
For this purpose, you can use a “Microsoft RDS Client Access Licenses” (RDS CAL)* with active “Microsoft Software Assurance” (SA).
Alternatively, you can use a “Microsoft RDS Subscriber Access Licenses” (RDS SAL) from the Microsoft SPLA License Program as part of a monthly billing.
It depends on your cloud provider whether you need to license Microsoft RDS SAL yourself or whether the license is included in the cost of use.

Very often, it is assumed that no RDS licensing is required when accessing the desktop of a Windows server or applications installed on that desktop via a third party solution such as oneclick™. That’s wrong! Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services licensing is required when a Microsoft Windows Server Desktop or applications deployed through a Microsoft Windows Server Desktop can be accessed. It is irrelevant whether Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or any other technology is used.

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*Microsoft RDS CAL can be licensed per user or per device. In most cases, user licensing is the best option.
Is it possible to use my SSO provider with oneclick™?

With oneclick™, you can easily use your existing SSO provider such as Azure AD to simplify your user administration.

Other SSO providers are available on request.

oneclick™ also offers various integration options for Enterprise IAM environments.