In the process of setting up oneclick™ you are here:

You can create connections to all self-managed resources and deliver them through Public IP or VPN IPsec.
After creating the connection and entering the connection destinations in oneclick™ you will receive a pdf with which you can configure your firewall.

  1. In the menu item “Resources”, click on the Connections tab.
  2. By clicking , you can connect your self-managed resources.
  3. Enter a connection name. In the comment, you can store instructions for other colleagues or a description of this connection. You can choose between the following options:
    • Via public IP
      This is a port forwarding to your public IP address.
    • Via VPN IPsec
      A secure Site-to-Site VPN tunnel is initialized by oneclick™.

Open IP

  1. Set the switch to Via public IP and click Save.
  2. Now create connection destinations.


  1. Set the switch to via VPN IPsec.
  2. In the “IP address of the VPN endpoint” field, enter the fixed IP address at which the VPN terminal can be reached via the public network (internet), e.g. “”. oneclick™ automatically establishes the VPN tunnel via a site-to-site connection using this IP address.
  3. Enter your CIDR (network address and subnet prefix) for your endpoint.
  4. In the default settings of the IPsec variants, you can adapt the suggested values in the “Lifetime” fields of phases 1 and 2 to your needs or specifications of your VPN device.
    Please note that all values of the IPsec default settings selected by you must be entered identically in the settings of your VPN terminal! If your VPN end device specifies different and unchangeable configuration values, please contact our support team at .
  5. To speed up a possible support case, optionally enter the VPN IPsec terminals name and the software release version or the firmware version of your VPN terminal (device software release), e.g. “V7.0”. Click Save to create the connection.
  6. Now create connection destinations.