How do I get the data for my own Azure subscription?

To link your own existing Azure subscription, you must create a Service Principal in the Azure Portal. This “Service Principal” is a “key” with which oneclick™ gets access to the resources created in Azure. The data read out via the “Service Principal” can then be entered in oneclick™.

Create “Service Principal”

  1. Open the Azure Portal and log in with your Azure credentials.
  2. Click on (in the bar at the top right) to open the Azure CLI (command interface).
  3. If you open the Azure Cloud Shell (Azure CLI) for the first time, please select Bash.
  4. Confirm that a storage is being created. This storage is required for a temporary virtual machine. This machine will be deprovisioned when you stop using the Azure Cloud Shell.
    As soon as this installation has been completed, you have access to your command interface (Azure CLI).
  5. Enter the following command in the command line (the usual key combination Ctrl+V does not work here):
    az ad sp create-for-rbac --years 2
    A Service Principal with a validity of 2 years is created. After two years, you need a new “Service Principal”. You get an output that looks like this:

    Creating a role assignment under the scope of “/subscriptions/ffe4d685-8d68-460a-a299-4c5d9a3cb4ac”
      Retrying role assignment creation: 1/36
      “appId”: “8f9e408c-e827-4e12-9de1-9d6670af2e08”,
      “displayName”: “azure-cli-2019-11-25-10-39-06”,
      “name”: “http://azure-cli-2019-11-25-10-39-06”,
      “password”: “6fe2c156-8b7d-4f83-97b9-1b2f05e19d4d”,
      “tenant”: “26cc4f43-97b9-4ffc-9cd9-171826cc471a”
  6. Now, you have all the parameters to create the license in oneclick™. In the Licenses tab in oneclick™, click to create a new license.
  7. Select the “Cloud Resources” tile and click the required cloud provider.
  8. Name the license.
    1. If you select “About Azure CLI”, copy the entire output you received in step 5 and paste it into the text box.
    2. If you select “via credentials” copy the particular data you received in step 5 into the respective fields:
      • Enter the content under “tenant” in the field “Tenant-ID”.
      • Enter the content behind “/subscriptions/” in the “Subscription ID” field.
      • Enter the content under “appId” in the “Client ID” field.
      • Enter the content under “password” in the “Client-Secret” field.
  9. To enable oneclick™ to provision virtual machines via the Cloud Resource Manager, the following command must also be executed in the azure portal on the command line:
    az provider register -n && az provider register -n microsoft.compute && az provider register -n microsoft.resources
    You can close the azure portal now.
  10. Click on next in oneclick™, confirm the GBLT and click Save. Your Azure subscription is now linked.
    You will only be charged when using virtual, machines.
  11. You can now create virtual machines.