How can I terminate licenses?

  1. Click the Licenses tab.
  2. To get to the detail page, click on in the row of the license you wish to reduce or terminate.
  3. On the detail page, you can see an overview of the individual license packages that exist within this license.
  4. Click  to terminate all or individual licenses.
  5. Now you can reduce the quantity of the license package by the amount of licenses you want. Click Next.
  6. You can view the new price for your license package. Click Confirm Termination to complete the process.
  7. Two different license packages are now displayed so that you always have an overview of when and how many licenses expire.


Be sure that the licenses are no longer in use after the cancellation date!

If you have cancelled user licenses, delete the users you do not need anymore.
If you have cancelled app licenses, delete the apps you do not need anymore.

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