Connect Delta subscription

In order to link your own existing Delta subscription in oneclick™, you need some data from your subscription.

Data from the Delta subscription

  1. Log in to your Delta account. You will need the email address and password later for the connection in oneclick™.
  2. Here you can create a project for different locations.
    Click on Create Project, enter a “name”, select the “region” of the data centre and then click on Create.
    Create projects from all regions that you want to make available in oneclick™.
  3. Copy the Organizations ID and optionally a Project ID if you only need one region to select in oneclick™.


Enter data in the oneclick™ Admin

  1. In the oneclick™ Admin, click on Connections in the Resources tab.
  2. Click on the + Icon to connect your cloud subscription in oneclick™.
  3. Select the Cloud Resources tile and click on the required cloud provider.
  4. Give the connection any name and enter your data from your Deltacloud subscription.
    If you enter a project ID, only the one project is available. In order to have all projects to choose from, do not enter a project ID.
  5. Click Save in oneclick™ . Your Deltacloud subscription is now linked and existing resources are read out.
    You will only be charged when using virtual, machines.
  6. You can now create virtual maschines.

Note on edited Default Network Security Groups

You have already created VMs via the Deltacloud portal and read them out in oneclick™?
Then you have probably added a oneclick™ firewall rule to these cloud resources to get access to the resource via oneclick™.
Adding a firewall rule in oneclick™ creates a new Network Security Group per cloud resource in Deltacloud and removes the Default Security Group from the resource, as it contains insecure non-deletable rules. If you have made your own settings in the Default Security Group that you still need, add them again in one of the following two ways:
  • Create new firewall rules oneclick™. You can define these in the settings of the cloud resource. The firewall rules you define there will be added to the oneclick™ Network Security Group in Deltacloud.
  • Create a new Network Security Group via the Deltacloud portal and set your previously created rules again. Add them to your cloud resource.