Cloud resources

In the process of setting up oneclick™ you are here:


To create or automatically import cloud resources, you first need a valid cloud provider subscription. You can use an existing subscription of your own or start right away with the oneclick™ subscription. To do so, first link a cloud subscription.

  1. On the “Resources” tab, click Cloud resources.
  2. Here you can click on to create a new cloud resource.
  3. Select the cloud subscription you created in oneclick™ earlier.
  4. For the fastest possible connection, select the “location” that is closest to your users.
  5. In the next step, you decide in which network the Single VM should be created. If you have already created several virtual machines in different networks, then the networks that are currently in use also appear here and can be selected. Click on Use for your favorite network.
  6. Select an image on which the Single VM should be based. The available images depend on your subscription and the selected location. If you have generated an image from an existing VM, you can select it here.
  7. Then decide how high your workload will be and click on the desired instance. If you are using your own subscription, it is best to find out in advance which instances are available in your subscription. The instances displayed are a recommendation from oneclick™. If the instance you want to use is not listed, please contact our support.
    • The displayed prices are continuously updated. The official prices of the respective cloud provider are always relevant for billing.
  8. Enter initial credentials for the admin and remember them.
  9. Optionally, you can select an event profile to be applied to the single VM.
  10. Afterwards, you can assign the virtual machine to a user or to yourself by simply configuring and assigning apps.

If you want to create more than 20 identical single VMs, it is usually worth setting up RDSH roles on an appropriately equipped virtual machine with a Microsoft server operating system and a shared RDS environment.