Functions overview

-Article in progress-

Here there is an overview of functions of oneclick™.

Administartor Features

  • User bulk import via CSV file
  • User import via connected private AD or Azure AD
  • Policies for 2 factor or access denial
  • Implement Identity-Provider
  • oneclick™ Mesh to connect Ressources without public IP adress
  • Create processes out of Windows tasks
  • Create Eventprofiles to execute processes

Cloud Provider specific features

  • Create VM from cloud provider with estimated costs
    • Set TCP Firewall rules
    • Execute Powershellscript or join an existing AD
    • Create VM without public IP adress
  • Golden Image function
  • Create Images
  • Create Eventprofiles to start, stop or stop the VM with the ability to postpone

User Features if allowed

All the following functions are accessible to the user if the administrator has set them up.

  • Start/stop/sync VM
  • Postpone the shutdown of the VM
  • Change Windows credentials
  • Change streaming performance, keyboard layout and other display settings
  • Use 2-way-audio (microphone)