Technical Requirements

Is it possible to connect Microsoft RDSH farms via Remote Desktop Connection Broker in oneclick™?

Yes, oneclick™ supports the “Remote Desktop Connection Broker” (also known as RD Connection Broker or Remote Desktop Connection Broker, formerly Terminal Services Session Broker).

Which bandwidth is required to use oneclick™?

The required bandwidth per session is at least 128 kbit/s.

Which operating systems are supported?

oneclick™ is independent of the operating system, because it runs completely in the browser. Every device is supported which is equipped with one of the browsers supported by oneclick™.

Which devices are supported by oneclick™?

There are no known restrictions regarding the use of devices. However, older devices may not have sufficient system resources to display web pages and JavaScript at desired speed.

How is the connection to end devices established?

A connection with your end device is established via HTTPS/TLS. TCP port 443 is used for this purpose.

Which web browsers are supported by oneclick™?

We recommend the use of Google Chrome.

Furthermore, we support Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Which protocols can be used with oneclick™?

The protocols RDP, VNC, SSH and Telnet can be selected.

Which VPN options can be connected with oneclick™?

With oneclick™, IPsec site-to-site connections with four variable IKE profiles can be connected.

The following options are supported by oneclick™:

Option 1Option 2Option 3Option 4
Phase 1
Phase 2
Perfect Forward Securityenabledenableddisableddisabled

Which encryption methods can I choose for RDP applications?

The common encryption methods Any, NLA, RDP and TLS can be selected.