How do I optimise streaming performance?

To improve streaming performance within oneclick™, you can ask a user with administrative rights to turn off the “Display options for the user“.

Furthermore, there are two components that you can modify to achieve a better streaming performance, regardless of oneclick™:

  1. Since oneclick™ runs entirely in the browser, streaming performance depends on the transmission speed of your Internet connection. Improve your transmission speed with more bandwidth:
    • Request the maximum speed from your provider. Depending on the provider, you can upgrade to a higher speed free of charge or for a fee, as long as it is available.
    • Make sure that you establish a direct connection from your router to the desired end device instead of using DLAN or WLAN.
    • Your router should support the current maximum speed of your internet connection.
  2. In addition, you could increase streaming performance by using a more powerful device (CPU, RAM, GPU) from which you access oneclick™.

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