Files on mobile devices

The Hybrid Drive app, that you automatically received along with the professional user license on your oneclick™ Desk, is compatible with the Nextcloud App. The Nextcloud App can be downloaded as a desktop client or via various app stores. With the Nextcloud App you can access your files in the Hybrid Drive from local or mobile devices.

  1. Install Nextcloud on a device of your choice.
  2. Open Nextcloud and click Login.
  3. Open the Hybrid Drive app in oneclick™, go to your profile picture and then click Settings.
  4. Click on the Sharing submenu and copy the “Federated Cloud ID” there. This is your server address.
  5. Switch back to the Nextcloud App and enter your server address there.
  6. The following screen appears. Select Alternative login using app token.
  7. Switch to the Hybrid Drive app, go to Security and click on Create new app password. The information that appears here is your login data.
  8. Switch to the Nextcloud App, enter your login data and click on Grand access.
    Nextcloud is now connected to your Hybrid Drive in oneclick™. All files that you put in the folder “Hybrid App Share” can be accessed within your oneclick™ Windows RDP apps via the drive “Hybrid App Share on oneclick”.
    Do not place any files into the “Download” folder via Nextcloud! This may damage your files.

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