Files on the local device

The files available in your Hybrid Drive App can be accessed directly via your local device.
The Hybrid Drive appears like a mounted drive. No files are downloaded to your device.

Set up Hybrid Drive

Follow the steps in one of these links. How to get the server address and your login data from the oneclick™ Hybrid Drive is described here in the next step.

Set up WebDAV for Mac OS X
Set up WebDAV for Windows

Get Server address

  1. Open the Hybrid Drive App in oneclick™ and click on Settings.
  2. Copy the address displayed here.

Get Credentials

  1. Go to your profile picture and then click Settings.
  2. Go to Security and click Create new app password. The information that appears here is your login information.

Exchange files via Hybrid App Share folder

All files that you put in the folder “Hybrid App Share” can be accessed within your oneclick™ Windows RDP apps via the drive “Hybrid App Share on oneclick”.
Do not place any files into the “Download” folder on your local device! This may damage your files.