Once you have created a virtual machine, finished setting it up, and installed the necessary software, you can create an image of that machine. The list of “Images” shows your created images and those provided by your cloud provider as part of your cloud subscription. When creating a new cloud resource, you can select one of these images to create a new virtual machine.

  1. To avoid errors, we recommend that you turn off the virtual machine first:
    To do so, go to the “Resources” tab and select Cloud Resources. Check that the virtual machines switch is set to .
  2. Click on the Images tab.
  3. Click on to create a new image.
  4. Give the image a recognisable name, describe all important details and click Next.
  5. Now select the virtual machine from which you would like to create an image.
  6. Click on Save to start the process. Your image will be created.
    This process may take some time.