Test new streaming protocol

In the standard app license, you can activate the new streaming protocol in advance for testing – your required bandwidth is reduced significantly.

If you are using older browser versions of Firefox or devices that do not support WebRTC, do not enable the new protocol.

Activate new Streaming Protocol

  1. Click the Licenses tab.
  2. Go to your purchased app license by clicking in the line of the app license.
  3. To add the add-on, click on in the “App – Standard” tile.
  4. Select the add-on “Enable new streaming protocol permanently” and click Next.
    You cannot switch back to the previous streaming protocol by yourself afterwards. If you want to do so, please contact our support.
    new streaming protocol
  5. In the next step the changed license will be displayed again. Click on Request license.
    All apps that you have created from this app configuration will now use the new streaming protocol.