Group license (concurrent)

Group app licenses are always billed on a concurrent basis. Thus, all accesses that occurred simultaneously in the “peak” are calculated – without a basic price.

To control your costs you can set limits (which avoid opening more than X Apps at the same time):

  • Overall limit
    The overall limit is an upper limitation for the simultaneous use of apps with this license type. This limit is unaffected by the users. For example, if you set the total limit to 20, a maximum of 20 apps with this app license can be opened at the same time.
  • Limit per user
    Setting a “Limit per user” will limit the simultaneous use of apps per user. If you set a “Limit per user” of e.g. one, each user who owns apps with this app-license can open only one of these apps at the same time. This also applies to opening the same apps from different devices.

You can freely combine these two limitations. If you do not set any limit, the simultaneous use of apps is not restricted.

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